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What You Need to Know About Champion Radiators

[caption id="attachment_1390" align="alignright" width="258"]Champion_Cooling_Systems_Radiator A Champion All-Aluminum Radiator[/caption]


Champion Radiator What You Need to Know & Why We're Different

If you are considering purchasing an aluminum radiator for your car or truck, there are a few things you should know about aluminum radiators in general and about the Champion brand in particular that set us apart from the competition.

When you choose an aluminum radiator over a traditional copper-brass, you will find several differences are apparent immediately, the first being that the radiator is lighter than it's out-dated cousin. Second, the core is thinner, owing to the fact that a copper-brass radiator has smaller tubes running throughout the core. This results in it needing more  rows of tubes to affect proper cooling when compared with an aluminum core (four rows of tubing in a copper-brass are roughly equivalent to two rows in an all-aluminum radiator). More rows = a thicker core and a heavier radiator.


Lastly, it is a much better-looking radiator, the all-aluminum tanks and core being a huge improvement over the traditional black tanks on a copper-brass.


In this post I won't go into all the differences or pros and cons of aluminum vs. copper-brass (we'll cover that in another post). Instead, let's take a look at what makes a Champion Radiator different--and better quality--than the competition.


Take a look at the Infogram below, which highlights the features you will find in every Champion Cooling System radiator.


[caption id="attachment_1497" align="aligncenter" width="453"]Champion Radiators Features CLICK TO ENLARGE[/caption]


First is the Braised Core Technology. Copper-brass radiators are soldered using different metals, while aluminum radiators are BRAISED, a fusing process that results in a more uniform product.


Next, is the number of fins per inch,.which is 14 to 16 fins per inch, (42 per square inch) resulting in 1500 more fins than other aluminum radiators and 3000 more than OEM Copper. Additionally, our fins are constructed with Max Cool™ Louvered Technology and our Tubes are spaced 3/8' apart, giving you approximately 25% more rows within the core than similar aluminum radiators, and 35% more rows than OEM copper. These features combine to give you superior air flow and a cooler-running engine.


All of our radiators have a thick, Billet Fill Neck for superior strength, and are 100% Tig Welded. What does this mean? No epoxy is used in the manufacture of our radiators.


Our radiators are constructed of 100% Aircraft Grade Aluminum with 2mm Thick Fittings and Tanks. We also include an OEM-Style Brass Petcock and a High Performance Radiator Cap.


Last but not least, Champion radiators are backed by a Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty so you can rest assured that your product is engineered to last and we stand behind it 100%.

It's easy for a manufacturer to claim that their products are superior in quality, longer lasting, more cost-effective, etc. But it's another thing when they can actually back it up.


We're no different here at Champion. We are confident that our radiators are the best all-aluminum radiators on the market and are superior not only to OEM copper-brass radiators, but to our competitor's products as well. Try one yourself and you'll see the Champion Difference!