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Man Captures Scenes From the Past Using Unique Photography Art | Chevy Hardcore

Man Captures Scenes From the Past (in a very unique way).

Man Captures Scenes From the Past


Any idea where this photograph was taken?


Chances are you’ll be baffled by the truth!
Capturing the essence of the 1940s and 50s in modern times is getting harder and harder for photographers. While there are plenty of hot rods out there to shoot these days, fewer and fewer “factory” vehicles can be found. But that’s not the only trouble. With modern construction, vintage buildings are also becoming scarcer by the day.
This leads to a whole lot of hassle for those set on bringing back memories of the past through modern photography. But as photographer and car enthusiast Michael Paul Smith, who posts his work on Flickr, discovered, recreating the past may actually be a smaller task than originally thought.
That’s because using model cars and buildings, Smith has come up with a way to recreate the past on a miniature scale while still keeping his photographs surprisingly realistic.


Looking at Smith’s photos of classic cars and notable vintage buildings, you’d never guess that they were really images captured on a miniature scale. Placed on platforms or tables against real-life backgrounds, the scenes Smith creates are captured so well that even the keenest eye would be strained to tell the difference between Smith’s work and a life-size model of the same caliber.
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by Lindsey Fisher on October 9, 2013
Images: Michael Paul Smith