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Car Collection Called The Zoo

A Car Collection Called the Zoo

The Zoo Car Collection

Obviously, we love classic cars a lotand are always on the look-out for pristine cars to share with our audience. Every once in a while, we stumble upon a bonanza of cars all in one place; i.e. a collection, and we are pretty much in hog's heaven.


This one is so large they call it "The Zoo," and it is indeed drool-worthy, and especially sweet for Mopar fans. Get ready to turn just a bit green with envy!


Brian and Samantha Styles have amassed quite a collection of classic muscle cars in a collection they call The Zoo. Containing some seriously rare metal, the collection seems decidedly tilted towards Mopar offerings, although it's hardly exclusive to the Pentastar. The video is an interesting look into a collector's world, with the couple explaining that their collection isn't an attempt to have as many cars as possible, but to have the right cars. As for the name of their collection, it's a reference to the "the Goats, a bunch of fish... and a Cougar over in that corner."


There's some talk about provenance, as well as some "thrill of the hunt" type language about looking for the right addition to the group. It's also good to see that the Styles don't just let the cars sit, taking time to exercise each car. Take a look below for the full look at The Zoo, in this latest video from eGarage.


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