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Debut of the 2015 Ford Mustang

According to Mustangs Daily, the new 2015 Mustang may make its appearance on Dec. 5


The New 2015 Mustang

Everyone's abuzz with the news that the new 2015 Ford Mustang may make its debut on December 5, Here's what Mustangs Daily had to say on their blog:

Back in October Reuters reported that a handful of journalists would be getting a sneak peek at the 2015 Ford Mustang, with the official unveiling of the car coming sometime in December. Now, thanks to the official Ford Mustang YouTube page, we can tell you the exact date: December 5th. Forget all the spy photos. Discard all those renderings. You’ll be getting your first look official at the 2015 Ford Mustang on the first Thursday in December.


The date was revealed in the description for a series of “Mustang Inspires” videos, which invites people to share their stories of inspiration using photographs and the hashtag #MustangInspires. The description states that “On December 5th, Ford will take the cover off the all-new Mustang, the sixth generation of the iconic pony car that will celebrate 50 years in production next year.”


If the 2015 model looks anything like the photo above, it gets our vote. But then again, it's hard to tell from a photo alone. Guess we'll wait until we can see it in person to give it a thumb's up or thumb's down.




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