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Champion Cooling is now Offering data via SEMA and SDC


Champion Cooling ACES and PIES co-op data now available to SEMA Members via SEMA and SDC


SEMA has been hard at work with the SDC to make available from Member Suppliers co-op data to make acquiring and managing their website inventory and offerings an easier and more streamlined process.


According to SEMA, "The SEMA Data Co-op is as much about education and training as it is actually managing data. Our full time help desk is dedicated to teaching the process from whatever level the customer needs, beginning with an introductory session to identify the current state of your data. We then walk you through a process to gather key data points from your existing systems and create a standards compliant version to build on. This process will require some time investment on your part, but will lead to a lifetime of benefit as you take ownership of this critical business element.


An important part of the Co-op is the data repository where all data is stored. Our goal is to create a centralized place for all industry data to securely reside, providing a one-stop resource for receivers (customers) of all kinds. We are already establishing valuable receiver relationships, and we will provide unlimited data exports in standard PIES/ACES formats or custom exports specific to the receiver’s needs, with only a small annual membership fee. This repository relieves you from creating and exporting data in countless formats, and enables you to manage who gets your data though a custom online interface. We welcome data feeds from your third party service, provided they meet SDC requirements for completeness and they pass our validation tests."


Along with many other suppliers, Champion Cooling Systems complete ACES and PIES data is now available through the co-op to SEMA members. Not a member? You can join for as little as $200.00 per year. Recievers of our data need to have completed the Dealer Application or be existing Dealers in good standing to be approved to receive the data.


For more information, visit the SEMA.org website: SEMA Data Coop.



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