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From Car to Scrap Metal in Under Three Minutes

Truly Cringeworthy: From car to scrap metal in under three minutes


It's kind of like a car accident. You know, the ones you pass on the highway and tell yourself you won't look at? But of course you do. It's that morbid curiosity that causes humans to need to view the strange. The macabre. The just plain weird.


That's exactly what this video is. There is nothing exciting about it. Nothing to do with beautiful classic cars or the unmatched sound of raw horsepower. And absolutely nothing to do with Champion Cooling Systems' radiators.


The exact opposite applies here. It is just one of those things that, if you have not seen it before, you will most likely watch and unconsciously frown it . It is weird and strangely eerie to see what was a complete car be maimed into chunks of scrap metal in under three minutes. It is truly cringe-worthy in its oddness.


It is aptly named "A Cars Worst Nightmare." Yeah, we get that.