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Kind Words from Andrew's Vintage Truck Parts

Andrew Tuning of Andrew's Vintage Truck Parts gave us a big shout out of thanks for helping him out with a radiator for his 1959 F 100. He generously donated an original copper-brass radiator, which was used as a template to cad and fabricate an all-aluminum radiator to replace it in his classic truck. Since then, he has sent many customers our way.


That said, if anyone needs any hard-to-find parts for 1957 to 1960 F100 trucks, please visit his new site, Andrew's Vintage Truck Parts, and tell him that Sue from Big Dog sent you!


Here is what he had to share with us:


What can I say? October 01 2014

I want to give a big shout out to my friends at Champion Cooling and Sue Wilkerson of Big Dog Performance Parts for the AWESOME radiator for my '59 F-100. It really doesn't need a cooling fan but has one by default (Ford 292 Y-Block). I have picture proof (digital thermometer), 180-195 deg at the inlet pipe up top and 80-85 deg at the outlet in the bottom. It looks great, and polishes up beautifully for show. Maybe I can talk them into letting me carry their product in the future when I get an actual retail location! Thank you Sue and crew, you guys rock! I highly recommend these folks for any cooling needs you might have.


Sorry the picture isn't so good....

 This is approx. 4" from the top of the core...




This is about 4" from the bottom...